Payday Loan FAQs

Are you interested in taking out a Payday Loan, but worried you don't have all of the information you need? Make an informed decision by reviewing the frequently asked questions below. If you're still having trouble you might try researching the information on a Payday Loan Review website or your chosen lender's website!

Q: What is a Payday Loan?

A: A Payday Loan or Cash Advancement, as is it sometimes referred to, is the fiscal sum issued to you by a lender. Borrowers typically look to obtain Payday Loans between paychecks in order to fund emergency expenses. Many lenders expect the loan to be repaid after the borrower receives his or her next paycheck.

Q: Am I eligible?

A: Qualifying for a Payday Loan has never been easier! Bankruptcy, bad credit, no credit, bounced checks and other credit hassles won't prevent you from getting the financial aid you need, when you need it. That being said, you are required to be eighteen years of age, a registered citizen in the country you wish to borrow and you must earn a combined income of $750/month.

Q: How much money am I eligible to receive?

A: The fiscal amount in which you are eligible to receive from a Payday Loan depends on several different factors. If you're interested in determining exactly how much you are eligible to receive, simply contact the lender that interests you. The lender will promptly contact you with a fiscal value.

Q: How much will a Payday Loan cost?

A: Payday Loan fees depend on a number of different variables. The lender you've selected and your loan repayment history are two common factors. The information you provide on your application will also help determine your Payday Loan fee. Many potential borrowers are taken back by the mention of fees. Remember, Payday Loan fees are of much less value than overdraft fees, bounced check charges and taxes.

Q: How long will it take to receive my money?

A: Once you have applied, your application will be sent directly to the lender you've selected. The money you've requested will be wired to your bank account within twenty-four hours.

Q: How do I repay my Payday Loan?

A: Payday Loans are often repaid upon the receipt of your next paycheck. If you are unable to repay your loan on time your loan will be automatically renewed. When you are able to repay your loan in full, simply contact your lender so that they may deduct the costs directly from your bank account.

Q: Can I apply for a Payday Loan with a Savings Account?

A: Of course you can! Many Payday Loan providers accommodate both Checking and Savings Accounts.

Q: Can I apply for a Payday Loan if I am self-employed?

A: Of course you can! Most applications do not require employment verification.

Q: What is the maximum amount I can receive from a Payday Loan?

A: $1,500 is the maximum amount you can receive from a Payday Loan.

Q: Will I be required to fax any documents? I don't have a Fax!

A: Some payday loan companies online, do not require you to fax anything. Check out our article about No Fax Payday Loans.

Q: Will getting a payday loan affect my credit score?

A: If you get a payday loan that checks your credit score, your credit score might be affected by this.

Q: Are there any states in which I cannot receive a Payday Loan?

A: No, all fifty states allow Payday Loans.

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